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Kidney Stone Resources

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Kidney Stones: Signs And Symptoms


Kidney stones do not have symptoms most of the time. Conversely, symptoms of having a kidney problems depends on the size of the kidney stone. Leading to hindrance of urination as well as blocking the urinary tract can be a problem when kidney stones are being infected and the stones are large. If the case is like that, there will be symptoms of severe pain in the urinary tract while the urine is passing through it. Nauseous and vomiting may be done when the infected kidney stones are large in which it may follow a pain in the lower abdominal region. There is an irritation in the ureter if there is a blood in the urine while urinating, even though that having blood in the urine may seems to be a typical symptoms of any health issues, but regarding to the kidney, there is a failure in your health condition particularly in the kidney when there is a blood that goes through it.


With just a small interval or urinating, there could be these painful urination that is why you need to watch out for this. There are also alarming signals for having a kidney stones such as stinging, burning and any uncomfortable sensations. Tenderness in the abdominal area, back and a determinable urinary tract infection are some of the classic symptoms of having stones in the kidney. There are times that other symptoms of having a kidney problem is having a foul smell when urinating or a pus in the urine. The infection of the kidney may lead to fever and chills. having symptoms of kidney problems should not be snubbed for they are painful and there is a possibility that will lead to death.


IVP, CT scan and retrograde pyelogram test are some tools and test to be used in detecting stones in the kidney. Pyelogram test involves a dye, this dye can be observed and the blockages can be removed ,in which it injects to the tube that leads from the kidney to the ureter in which it assist the transportation of the urine.


Urine analysis is one way to determine Tonic for Stones in the kidney. Helping to test the pH value urine and the urine can be categorize into alkaline, basic or acidic by the help of urine analysis although it is quite effective in analyzing the complete components of urine, but still it helps to analyze the urine component.


In the world of modern technology, it employs an ultrasound to detect the kidney stones. Ultrasound is harmless in which it has the high frequency in sound waves to detect the stones in the kidney as well as health issues in the internal organ even the movement of the fetus. There are more factual information on kidney stones also at